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What Have We Been Up Too?!

Company Performance for the Wildlife Organization Benefit!

My Family @hause_of_hazard and I were blessed enough to be invited to perform for the wildlife organization Fundraiser Showcase, put on by @wncdanceacademy , and we had such an amazing time!  After recieving this invite, I knew that I wanted to do something different. I wanted to send a message...a positive message. of course I could've choreographed something hype and live! However, I dance for more than just having fun... it's about Love, Support, and POSITIVITY!

 Dancing with my LEAF Schools and Streets students is always a highlight of my week!!!! 



Come dance the night away AND support The Hope Chest for Women, Inc.  

50% of the proceeds will be donated. The Hope Chest for Women was founded in 2003 to help relieve some of the financial burdens created by breast or gynecological cancer treatment costs. They offer financial assistance for both medical and non-medical expenses, along with information on community resources, education on cancer prevention and emotional support. Most importantly they give HOPE to women in WNC living with breast or gynecological cancers.