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Movement Therapy 🖤

The Purpose:

      By infusing his knowledge, experience and expertise of different styles, forms and cultures of movement into his work, Melvin has been able to uplift and spread positivity to those around him. Through Hardships, Poverty, depression and separation, the one thing that encouraged Melvin to find himself and his purpose was the loving and positive embrace of dance! Dance and Movement isn't all about appealing aesthetic or being an entertainer. Dance is about finding yourself...in the music...in the world...in the silence...in everyday life. Movement is about gaining a true understanding of yourself and your situation by submerging yourself in honest and transparent vulnerability. One of the most frightening aspects of who we are as humans is vulnerability...but the same thing we see to be a weakness, IS OUR BIGGEST STRENGTH!  

                                THROUGH MOVEMENT WE CAN DO IT TOGETHER!

     Together we will uncover those things that hold you back from moving on...from progressing...from succeeding...from Loving. TOGETHER, THROUGH MOVEMENT, WE WILL GROW! Together we will triumph over the pessimism and negativity in our lives, so that YOU CAN LEAD A STRONGER, HEALTHIER, MORE PRODUCTIVE LIFE!

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