Love On Demand | Melvin A.C Howell | Performance

I got tired of performing and dancing for people to be wowed from entertainment... Dance is MORE THAN SIMPLE ENTERTAINMENT!  I've made the decision to now perform even more from the HEART than before. To tell my story. To move people. To change lives for the better. The Positivity Movement ❤

School Tour to East Henderson High school!

Still in complete awe, gratefulness, and Thankfulness at God blessing me with the opportunity to teach, work with, and get to know these beautiful groups of students! You all were amazing and soo soooo welcoming! It means more to me than words can express! Huge Thank You to Mary LaBianca for the invitation! You are a valuable part of my journey in helping me grow and spread my message of positivity, encouragement, and Love, through dance!

Melvin AC Howell 2018-2019 Dance Reel

Thanks to God! 2018, and currently 2019, has been filled with many accomplishments and great moments! This year WILL be even more extravagant than the last!

Melvin AC Howell & Devonte Beck on WLOS 13 News!

Career Day at Avery Creek Elementary!

     It is such a blessing to be able to go to an elementary school and tell them all about dance, the history and styles of dance, get them excited, and let them know that you can make a living doing what you love!

Black Violin X Melvin AC Howell | Stereotypes

I heard this song “stereotypes by blackviolin“ and it moved me..heavily. Dealing with people crossing the street because you’re walking in their direction, giving dirty looks when I’m out..whether I’m suited or not, to witness someone else’s unnecessary and unjustified fear/nervous demeanor can be frustrating, then again, being a young black man who stands on a structure of God, positivity, love, & Empowerment.

Don’t allow stereotypes to define you...for God created you fearfully and wonderfully!

First Dance Wedding Choreography | Melvin AC Howell

Thank You so Much Angelina & Donnie for letting me be a part of such a large chapter in your lives! ♥️

Melvin AC Howell performs at The Orange Peel!

So thankful and grateful to have been blessed  with the opportunity to perform at The Orange Peel, in Asheville, NC!

Thank you God!

Thank You Jesus!

Thank You Studio Zahiya for the amazing opportunity!

Street Dance Body Movement & Kontrol Workshop

Street Dance Movement & Body Control Workshop I held at Primal Studios in Asheville, NC. I’m so thankful for the opportunities God has given me and so thankful that the workshop sold out with a bunch of people who were so welcoming and interested in learning something new! I’ll definitely be back with more workshops Asheville!

Buncombe County Day Of Dance

I am so honored to have been invited and recommended to teach my craft at the Buncombe County Day Of Dance This year! Thank God for the Blessings! Asheville..I’m just getting started!!!

2018 Morganton Festival Solo

2018 solo performance at the Morganton Festival!

Live 2 Dance 2018

Reel of Melvin’s experience teaching at The Dance Factory of Morganton‘s “Live 2 Dance” Summer Dance camp!

Scottie Marsh testimonial!

watch as Scottie Marsh explains his experience taking from Melvin!

Adventures of a poetic Artist Ep.1

witness as Melvin takes his art to the public eye in style!

special guest performance 2017

Watch Melvin’s special guest performance at The Dance Factory of Morganton‘s 2017 winter recital!

Wedding Garter Dance!

Garder Dance one of my clients had me choerograph for him...Magic Mike Style!

Quince Choreography | Melvin AC Howell

check out the progress of these young dancers leading up to the big day of the Quince!

choreography: Melvin AC Howell